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Company Profile

      Established in 2021, Guangdong Chelimei Technology Co., Ltd. is located in Zhuhai City(which is also known as the City of a Hundred Islands, and the Cityof Romance), Guangdong Province. It is a modern enterprise specializing in new materials such as optical films, integrating R&D, production, operation, sales and services.

      MOTJ is a brand under Guangdong Chelimei——We select top raw materials from the world's top 500
enterprises, introduced advanced international coating production lines (Class 1000 dust-free workshop and Class 100 dust-free coating room), achieve breakthroughsof coating technologyin the industry, and independently developed LED light-curing fluorocarbon anti-fouling coating technology. We continue to invest in product technology innovation and continue to pursue progress, so that MOTJ car body color change films/paint protective filmhave high-quality hardness protection, strong stain resistance and self-cleaning, strong self-healing, strong hydrophobicity, high gloss, scratch resistance, and corrosion resistance. After repeated testing and strict quality control, we ensure that the products have the advantages of excellent quality and technological leadership in the industry.

      Since 2020, our R&D team has begun market research and technology R&D on car Paint Protective Film&Color-changing Film, and we focus on brand building and operation. We are committed to providing car owners with high-quality, cost-effective brand car covers and quality services to meet the individual needs of different car owners and exceed their expectations.

      In the future, we will continue to explore and apply innovative technologies to improve the performance and quality ofcarPaint Protective Film&Color-changing Film, and always insist on providing excellent quality products and services to bring more new product experiences to car owners.

Over the past 30 years, we have accumulated technology in the field of polymer films, independently developed fluorocarbon anti fouling coating technology, and achieved industry-leading performance in multiple aspects
Breakthrough industry
coating technology
Thousand level dust-free coating production workshop and hundred level dust-free coating head room, fully automated equipment to improve production speed and quality
Authentic product guarantee and support for inspection; Customers are most concerned about the quality issues of the car clothing in the later stage, and the official electronic warranty provided by Chery Beauty provides a more reassuring experience.
Worry-free service
The top raw materials of the Fortune 500 are the main focus, ensuring the quality of car clothing from the source
Select quality raw
Advanced technology 
production line
After years of innovative research and development, our products adhere to the testing standards of imported flagship brands, and adhere to the principle of quality and price to provide the best product experience for car owners
Higher cost performance



Strong protection and efficient preservation
Fluorocarbon anti fouling 
coating invisible car clothes

Personality change is more reassuring
Fluorocarbon anti fouling coating 
color changing film
The fluorocarbon anti fouling coating, which breaks through industry coating technology, has high-quality hardness protection without losing flexibility, high self-healing and wear resistance, providing full body protection for your car from various scratches, sand, stones, and stains

Super strong protection

The coating carrying biomimetic lotus leaf technology significantly improves its self-cleaning function, and the surface of the product is no longer always filled with dust and oil stains

Super hydrophobic

Unique and innovative coating technology is more wear-resistant than ordinary products, and small scratches and scratches can be quickly repaired when exposed to heat

Anti-scratch self-healing

The coating bearing the unique LED light curing technology, the anti-fouling, anti-corrosion and anti-oxidation function is more than 10 times higher than that of ordinary products, and the perfect effect of the product is maintained for a long time

Resistance to pollution
 and weather

Unique innovative coating technology is combined with the substrate to increase the brightness of the paint by more than 50% and provide lasting fading resistance

Super strong protection

Prevent a variety of injuries, innovative high quality 360 degree all-round protection of the original factory paint, the vehicle more value

Value preserving car

Improve stability

Use stabilizer technology to optimize the blending of Ashland's pressure-sensitive glue to increase the stability of the glue by 3 times! Easy to tear, easy to stick, no residual glue
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